Modern Aquascaping

A Seminar by George and Karla Booth

This is a slide show we have presented to various clubs and groups around Colorado. The on-line slide images are of lower quality to make sure download time is reasonable and because I only have crude slide scanning equipment.

This slide show and script are available to aquarium clubs via the FAAS. Contract Jerry Montgomery, of the FAAS Program Committee, for details.

Part 1 - Introduction: Slides 1..11

Part 2 - Planted Aquarium Basics: Slides 12..46

   Lighting: Slides 12..19

   Water Chemistry: Slides 20..26

   Plant Nutrients: Slides 27..29

   Environment: Slides 30..41

   Maintenance: Slide 42

   Summary: Slides 43..46

Part 3 - Aquascaping and Plants: Slides 47..80