Aquarium Plants Master Reference List

Last update: June 27, 1999

Original list by George Booth. Corrections and additions by Neil Frank. Translation to HTML by Erik Olson. Further tweaking for Aquatic Concepts by George Booth. Anybody else want a piece of this?

The following books are referenced in the plant listing as a guide to indentification, growing conditions and other information.

  A:  The Complete Book of Aquarium Plants. Allgayer, R., Teton, J. (1987)
An:  Hobbyist Guide to the Natural Aquarium. Andrews, C. (1991)
B1:  Aquarium Atlas. Baensch, H.A., Riehl, R. (1986)
B2:  Aquarium Atlas, Volume 2. Baensch, H.A., Riehl, R. (1993)
  D:  System for a Problem Free Aquarium. Dennerle (1990)
  G:  Nature and Aquarium. Gesting, B. (1993)
   J:  A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants. James, B. (1986)
  R:  Aquarium Plants. Rataj, K., Horeman, T. (1977)
S1:  Water Plants in the Aquarium. Scheurmann, I. (1987)
S2:  Aquarium Plants Manual. Scheurmann, I. (1993)
  V:  Vierke's Aquarium Book. Vierke, J. (1986)
 W:  Aquarium Plants, Windelov's Tropica Catalogue. (1987)
  Y:  Picture Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants. Yamada, H. (1989)


  1. Plants with upright stems
  2. Plants with leaves in a rosette
  3. Mossy plants and Ferns
  4. Creeping plants
  5. Floating plants
  6. Temporarily Ungrouped
  7. Index by Genus

Group 1 : Plants with upright stemsUpright main stem with leaves arranged singly, paired or in whorls. This group has 41 genera and 85 species.

  1. Leaves in a whorl
  2. Opposing leaves
  3. Alternating leaves

Group 1.1 : Leaves in a whorl

Three or more leaves originate from a node at the same stem height.

Ceratophyllum demersum (A,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,W,Y) "Hornwort"
Ceratophyllum submersum (B2,D,G,J,R,V)
Ceratophyllum (Y)

Dysophylla verticillata (Y)

Egeria densa (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Giant Elodea"
Egeria najas (B2,D,R)

Elodea canadensis (An,B2,R,V,W) "Anacharis"
Elodea nuttallii (B2,D,R,Y)

Eusteralis stellata (B2,D,G)

Hemianthus micranthemoides (A,B1,R,S2,Y)

Hydrilla verticillata (B2,D,G,R,Y)

Hydrothrix gardneri (B2)

Limnophila aquatica (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W) "Giant Ambulia"
Limnophila aromatica (A,R)
Limnophila glabra (B2)
Limnophila heterophylla (A,B2,W,Y)
Limnophila indica (A,B2,V) "Ambulia"
Limnophila sessiliflora (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Dwarf Ambulia"
Limnophila spec. australis (G)

Myriophyllum alterniflorum (A)
Myriophyllum aquaticum (A,An,B1,D,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Brazilian Milfoil"
Myriophyllum brasiliense (W)
Myriophyllum elatinoides (B2,D,G)
Myriophyllum heterophyllum (A)
Myriophyllum hippuroides (A,An,B2,D,G,J,R,Y)
Myriophyllum mattogrossense (An,B1,D,G,S2,V,W,Y) "Red Milfoil"
Myriophyllum scabratum (B1,R) "Foxtail"
Myriophyllum spicatum (A,R)
Myriophyllum ussuriense (R)
Myriophyllum verticillatum (A,B2,Y)

Nitella gracilis (A,Y)
Nitella flexilis (Y)

Rotala wallichii (B2,D,G,R,Y)

Group 1.2 : Opposing leaves

Leaves are Paired on opposite sides of the stem.

Alternanthera "lilacina" (B1,Y)
Alternanthera reineckii (A,B2,D,G,R,S1,S2,W,Y) "Dragon flame"
Alternanthera roseafolia (G,J)
Alternanthera sessilis (A,B1,R,V)
Alternanthera sessilis var. ribra (R)
Alternanthera sessilis var. orforma (Y)
Alternanthera sessilis var. reineckii (Y)

Ammania gracilis (B2,D,G,S1,S2,V)
Ammania latifolius (R)
Ammania senegalensis (A,B1,G,J,R,S1,Y)

Bacopa amplexicaulis (W)
Bacopa caroliniana (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,Y) "Giant Red Bacopa"

Bacopa crenata (A)
Bacopa floribunda (B2)
Bacopa lanigeria (A,B2)
Bacopa monnieri (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S2,V,Y,W) "Dwarf Bacopa"
Bacopa myriophylloides (A,D,G)
Bacopa rotundifolia (B2,S2)

Cabomba aquatica (A,An,B1,D,G,S1,S2,W,Y) "Yellow Cabomba"
Cabomba australis (R,Y)
Cabomba caroliniana (A,An,B1,B2,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y,W) "Green Cabomba"
Cabomba piauhyensis (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Red Cabomba"
Cabomba pulcherrima (B2)

Callitriche vernalis (Y)

Crassula aquatica (R)
Crassula bonariensis (R)
Crassula helmsii (B2,D,G,R,W)
Crassula vaillanti (R)

Didiplis diandra (B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,Y) "Water Hedge"

Drymaria cordata (Y)

Elatine macrapoda (W)

Gymnocoronis spilanthoides (A,B1,D,J,R,Y) "Spade-leaf Plant"

Hemigrafis colorata (Y)
Hemigrafis sp. (Y)

Hydrotriche hottoniiflora (B2,R)

Hygrophila angustifolia (D,G,Y)
Hygrophila balsamica (B2)
Hygrophila corymbosa (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Temple Plant, Giant Hygro"
Hygrophila corymbosa type "gracilis" (B2)
Hygrophila corymbosa type "crispa" (B2)
Hygrophila corymbosa type "glabra" (B2,G)
Hygrophila corymbosa type "strigosa" (B2) x
Hygrophila difformis (A,An,B1,B2,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Water Wisteria"
Hygrophila guianensis (B2,W,Y)
Hygrophila lacustris (B2,D,G,R)
Hygrophila lancea (R)
Hygrophila longifolia (D,G)
Hygrophila polysperma (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Dwarf Hygro"
Hygrophila polysperma var. "CEYLON"
Hygrophila salicifolia (A,B2,D,G,J,R) "Willow Leaf Hygro"
Hygrophila stricta (B1,D,G,V,Y) "Thai Stricta"
Hygrophila violacea (D,G,Y)

Ilysanthes parviflora (B2)

Lindernia rotundifolia (W)

Ludwigia alternifolia (A1)
Ludwigla arcuata (B1,D,G,R,W,Y) "Needle Leaf Ludigia"
Ludwigia brevipes (A,B2,D,R)
Ludwigia glandulosa (B2,D)
Ludwigia mullertii (An,D,G,J,R) "Red Ludwigia"
Ludwigia palustris (A,D,G,W,Y)
Ludwigia palustris x repens (B1,V)
Ludwigia repens (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,W,Y)
Ludwigia repens x arcuata (D,G)

Lysimachia nummularia (A,B1,D,G,W,Y) "Creeping Penny"

Micranthemum umbrosum (B2,G)
Micranthemum micranthemoides (D,G,S2)

Najas guadelupensis (B2,R)
Najas graminea (R,W,Y)
Najas indica (A,B2,R)
Najas microdon (An)

Nesaea sp. "Red leaved" (B2)
Nesaea crassicaulis (D,G,Y)
Nesaea pedicellata (D,G)

Rotala indica (W)
Rotala macrandra (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Giant Red Rotala"
Rotala rotundifolia (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Dwarf Rotala"

Sium floridanum (D)

Shinnersia rivularis (B2,D,G,J,S1,S2) "Mexican Oak Leaf"

Telanthera lilacina (J)

Group 1.3 : Alternating leaves

Single leaves arranged in a spiral around the stem.

Blyxa novoguineensis (B1)

Cardamine lyrata (B1,D,G,J,R,W,Y) "Chinese Ivy"
Cardamine flexuosa (Y)

Eichhornia azurea (A,B1,D,G,R,V)
Eichhornia diversifolia (B2)
Eichhornia natans (G)

Heteranthera dubia (A)
Heteranthera zosteri(ae)folia (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,Y) "Indian Stargrass"

Hottonia inflata (A,D,G,J,R) "Water Violet"
Hottonia palustris (A,R,W,Y)

Houttunyia cordata (B2,R)

Hydrocotyle leucocephala (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,Y) "Brazilian Pennywort"

Lagarosiphon madagascariensis (B2,D,G,R)
Lagarosiphon major (A,B1,D,G,R,W,Y)
Lagarosiphon muscoides (R)

Lobelia cardinalis (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S1,V,W,Y)

Mayaca fluviatilis (A,B1,D,G,R,Y)

Polygonum spec. (D,G)

Potamogeton crispis (B2,Y)
Potamogeton gayi (A,B1,B2,D,G,R,W)
Potamogeton malaianus (R,Y)
Potamogeton mascarensis (B2)
Potamogeton oxyphyllus (Y)

Rorippa aquatica (Y)
Rorippa amphibia (W)

Proserpinaca palustris (R)
Proserpinaca pectinata (B1)

Saururus cernuus (A,An,D,G,J,R,S1) "Lizard's Tail"
Saururus chinensis (Y)

Zosterella dubia (R,W)

Group 2 : Plants with leaves in a rosette

Leaves grow up from a root stock (rhizome) in the ground. Includes 22 genera with 126 species.

  1. Narrow leaf rosettes
  2. Broad leaved Rosettes
  3. Amazon Sword plants
  4. Aponogetons
  5. Cryptocorynes

Group 2.1 : Narrow leaf rosettes

Tall forms with sessile, thin, ribbon or thread like leaves.

Acorus calamus (A,R)
Acorus gramineus (A,J,R,W,Y)
Acorus gramineus var. gramineus (W)
Acorus gramineus var. gramineus fol. variegatus (W)
Acorus gramineus var. pusillus (An,B1,D,W,Y)
Acorus gramineus var. japonicus (Y)
Acorus gramineus var. variegatis (Y)

Alisma plantago-aquatica (W)

Blyxa aubertii (A,B2,R,W)
Blyxa echinosperma (A,B2,R,W)
Blyxa japonica (An,B2,D,G,J,R,V) "Bamboo Plant"

Crinum calamistratum (D,G)
Crinum natans (A,B2,D,G,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y)
Crinum natans "narrow leaf" (B2)
Crinum natans crispus narrow leaved form (Y)
Crinum natans crispus broad leaved form (Y)
Crinum purpurascens (B2)
Crinum thaianum (A,B1,D,G,J,R,V,W,Y) "Onion Plant"

Eleocharis acicularis (B2,D,G,J,R,Y,W) "Dwarf Hairgrass"
Eleocharis minima (A,B2,R)
Eleocharis obtusa (R)
Eleocharis palustris (R)
Eleocharis parvulus (B1,D) "Hairgrass"
Eleocharis vivipara (A,B1,D,G,R,W,Y) "Umbrella Grass"

Isoetes echinospora (R)
Isoetes flaccida (B2)
Isoetes lacustris (A,R)
Isoetes malinverniana (B2,R,W)
Isoetes setacea (B2)
Isoetes velata var. sicula (D)

Luronium natans (W)

Ranalisma humile (B2,R)

Sagittaria graminea (A,B1,R,W)
Sagittaria graminea var. graminea (W)
Sagittaria graminea var. platyphylla (B2,R,W,Y)
Sagittaria graminea var. teres (R,Y)
Sagittaria graminea var. weatherbiana (B2,R)
Sagittaria lancifolia (A,B2,R)
Sagittaria platyphylla (An,D,G,J,V) "Giant Sag"
Sagittaria pusilla (D,G)
Sagittaria sagittifolia (B2)
Sagittaria subulata (D,V,R,S1,S2)
Sagittaria subulata var. gracillima (B2,R,S2)
Sagittaria subulata var. kurziana (B2,R,S2)
Sagittaria subulata var. pusilla (B1,Y)
Sagittaria subulata var. subulata (B1,J,R,S2,Y) "Dwarf Sag"
Sagittaria stenophyllum (Y)

Spiranthes cernua (D,G) "Water Orchid"

Vallisneria americana (B2,D,G,R)
Vallisneria asiatica (A,B2,G,R)
Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis (B1,D,S1,Y)
Vallisneria gigantea (A,An,B1,D,G,R,V,S1,S2,Y) "Jungle Val"
Vallisneria gracilis (B2,D,G)
Vallisneria neotropicalis (B2,Y)
Vallisneria portugalensis (R)
Vallisneria spiralis (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Corkscrew Val"
Vallisneria spiralis forma tortifolia (Y)
Vallisneria tortifolia (D,G,J)

Group 2.2 : Broad leaved Rosettes

Roundish, usually cordate icised leaves

Aglaodorum griffithii (Y)

Aglaonema "Silvier Queen" (Y)
Aglaonema modestrum (Y)

Armoracia aquatica (A,D,G,J,R) "American Water Cress"
Armoracia auliclata (Y)

Anubias afzelii (A,D,R,Y)
Anubias barteri (A,D,G,R,S1,S2,Y)
Anubias barteri var. barteri (B2,S2,Y)
Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia (B2)
Anubias barteri var. glabra (B1,S2)
Anubias barteri var. nana (B1,D,S2,V,W,Y)
Anubias coffeeafolia
Anubias congensis (D,G,R,W,Y)
Anubias gracilis (B2,D,Y)
Anubias gilletii (B2)
Anubias glabra (Y)
Anubias hastifolia (Y)
Anubias heterophylla (A,Y)
Anubias lanceolata (D,G,R)
Anubias lanceolata forma angustifolia (Y)
Anubias nana (G,J,R)

Barclaya longifolia (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Orchid Lily"

Chlorophytum capense var. raviegatum (Y)

Figan waterfan (Y)

Lagenandra spec. (V)
Lagenandra dalzellii (R)
Lagenandra koenigii (A,R,Y)
Lagenandra lancifolia (A,B2,R,Y)
Lagenandra meeboldii (B2)
Lagenandra ovata (A,B2,D,G,R,W,Y)
Lagenandra praetermissa (W)
Lagenandra thwaitesii (A,J,R,V)

Nuphar spec. (D)
Nuphar spec. CEYLON (G)
Nuphar japonica (B2,D,G,J,W,Y) "Japanese Spatterdock"
Nuphar japonicum (Y)
Nuphar japonicum var. rubrotinctum (Y)
Nuphar luteum (An,B2,R,V,Y)
Nuphar pumila (B1,R) "Spatterdock"
Nuphar sagittifolium (R,Y)
Nuphar subintegerrimum (Y)

Nymphaea spec. (D)
Nymphaea alba (W)
Nymphaea colorata (R)
Nymphaea x daubenyana (B2,V)
Nymphaea maculata (J)
Nymphaea lotus (A,B1,D,R,S1,S2,V,Y) "Tiger Lotus"
Nymphaea lotus var. japonicus (R)
Nymphaea lotus var. rubra (B2,D,G,S2)
Nymphaea lotus var. viridis (D,G,S2)
Nymphaea pubescens (W)
Nymphaea stellata (B2,D,G,J,Y)
Nymphaea stellata green form (Y)
Nymphaea zenkeri (W,Y)

Nymphoides aquatica (B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,W,Y) "Banana Plant
Nymphoides indica (A,R,W,Y)
Nymphoides peltata (A,R)

Ophiopogon japonicus (Y)

Ottelia alismoides (A,B1,R,W,Y)
Ottelia ulvifolia (W)

Samolus parviflorus (A,B1,J,S1,S2,Y) "Water Cabbage"
Samolus valerandi (An,D,G,R,W)

Spathiphyllum wallisii (A,B1,R,W,Y)

Group 2.3 : Amazon Sword plants

Native to the American continents, 47 species

Echinodorus amazonicus (A,AN,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,V,Y) "Amazon Sword"
Echinodorus augustifolius (B2,R)
Echinodorus argentinensis (B2,D,G,R,W,Y)
Echinodorus aschersonianus (B2)
Echinodorus barthii (D)
Echinodorus berteroi (AN,B1,R,W,Y)
Echinodorus bleheri (AN,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Broad Leafed Amazon Sword"
Echinodorus bolivianus (A,B2,W,Y)
Echinodorus cordifolius (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2) "Radicans Sword"
Echinodorus cordifolius "MINI" (G) "Mini Radicans"
Echinodorus grandiflorus (B2,R)
Echinodorus grisebachii (D,G)
Echinodorus horemanii (B2,D,G,R,S1,S2,W)
Echinodorus horizontalis (A,B1,D,R,Y)
Echinodorus humulis "African Dwarf Sword"
Echinodorus inpai (D)
Echinodorus intermedius (R)
Echinodorus isthmocus (B2)
Echinodorus latifolius (An,B2,D,G,R,W,Y)
Echinodorus longiscapus (B2,R)
Echinodorus major (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,W) "Ruffled Sword"
Echinodorus macrophyllus (B2,R,W)
Echinodorus muricatus (D,G) "Giant Radican"
Echinodorus opacus (B2,R,Y)
Echinodorus osiris (A,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Red Amazon Sword"
Echinodorus paniculatus (J,R,W)
Echinodorus parviflorus (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S1,V)
Echinodorus parviflorus "TROPICA" (G)
Echinodorus palaefolius var. latifolius (B2,W)
Echinodorus pellucidus (R)
Echinodorus portoalegrensis (B2)
Echinodorus rigidifolius (D,G)
Echinodorus quadricostatus var. xinguensis (B1,R,S1,Y) "Dwarf Sword"
Echinodorus scaber (B2,R)
Echinodorus schlueteri (D)
Echinodorus subulatus (B2,W)
Echinodorus tenellus (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,V,Y) "Pygmy Chain Sword"
Echinodorus uruguayensis (B2,D,R)

Group 2.4 : Aponogetons

Distributed in Africa (15 species), Madagascar (11) SE Asia (13) and Australia (4). 13 species are suited for the aquarium.

Aponogeton bernieranus (B2,W,Y)
Aponogeton boivinianus (A,An,B1,D,G,J,V,W,Y)
Aponogeton capuroni (Y)
Aponogeton crispus (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Ruffled Aponogeton"
Aponogeton echinatus (B2,R,W)
Aponogeton elongatus (B1,B2,R,W)
Aponogeton elongatus forma latifolius (Y)
Aponogeton elongatus forma elongatus (Y)
Aponogeton fenestralis (Y)
Aponogeton henkelianus (D,G,Y)
Aponogeton longplumulosus (A,D)
Aponogeton loriae (B2)
Aponogeton madagascariensis (A,An,B1,B2,D,G,J,R,V,W,Y) "Madagascar Lace Plant"
Aponogeton monostrachyus (Y)
Aponogeton natans (B2,D,W,Y)
Aponogeton rigidifolius (B2,D,G,R,S1,S2,W,Y)
Aponogeton stachyosporus (B2,Y)
Aponogeton ulvaceus (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y)
Aponogeton undulatus (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y)

Group 2.5 : Cryptocorynes

Over 60 species with about 30 suitable for the aquarium.

Cryptocoryne affinis (A,An,B1,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne albida (A,B2,W)
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia (D,G)
Cryptocoryne auriculata (R)
Cryptocoryne axelrodii (R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne balansae (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,V,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne beckettii (A,B2,D,R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne blassii (B2,D,G,J)
Cryptocoryne bogneri (R)
Cryptocoryne bullosa (B2,R)
Cryptocoryne ciliata (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,V)
Cryptocoryne cordata (A,An,R,S1,S2)
Cryptocoryne costata (B2,D,R)
Cryptocoryne crispatula (B1,D)
Cryptocoryne diderici (R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne evae (R)
Cryptocoryne ferruginea (B2,R)
Cryptocoryne fusca (B2)
Cryptocoryne gracilis (R)
Cryptocoryne griffithii (G,J,R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne johorensis (R)
Cryptocoryne korthausae (R)
Cryptocoryne legroi (B2)
Cryptocoryne lingua (B2,R,V,Y)
Cryptocoryne longicauda (B2,W)
Cryptocoryne lucens (D,R,Y)
Cryptocoryne lutea (B2,W)
Cryptocoryne minima (R,W)
Cryptocoryne moehlmannii (B2)
Cryptocoryne nevillii (J,R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne nurii (R,Y)
Cryptocoryne parva (B2,D,G,R,W)
Cryptocoryne petchii (B1,D,G,R,V,Y)
Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia (B2,D,G,R,S1,S2,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne purpurea (An,B1,R,W)
Cryptocoryne retrospiralis (J,R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne schulzei (B2,R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne siamensis (B1,R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne spiralis (A,B2,R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne tonkinensis (B2,D,R)
Cryptocoryne thwaitesii (R,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne undulata (B2,W)
Cryptocoryne usteriana (An,B1,R,V,Y)
Cryptocoryne versteegii (R)
Cryptocoryne walkeri (B1,R,Y)
Cryptocoryne wendtii (A,An,B1,B2,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne x willisii (A,An,B1,D,G,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y)
Cryptocoryne zewaldiae (R,Y)
Cryptocoryne zonata (R)
Cryptocoryne zukalii (R)

Group 3 : Mossy plants and Ferns

Bolbitus heudelotii (A,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,Y) "African Fern"

Ceratopteris cornuta (A,B1,D,G,R,W,Y)
Ceratopteris froesii (D)
Ceratopteris pteridioides (An,B1,R,Y) "Watersprite"
Ceratopteris siliquosa (R)
Ceratopteris thalictroides (A,An,B1,D,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Indian Fern"

Fontinalis antipyretica (A,B1,R,W,Y)

Leptodictyum riparium (W)

Nitella flexilis (W)

Vesicularia dubyana (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Java Moss"

Group 4 : Creeping plants

Ten genera and 16 species that have a creeping shoot and various leaf shapes.

Bolbitus heteroclita (B2,W,Y)

Dichondra micrantha (Y)

Elatine hydropiper (R)
Elatine macropoda (A,R,V)

Glossostigma elatinoides (B2,D,G,Y)

Hydrocotyle martima (Y)
Hydrocotyle leucocephala (Y)
Hydrocotyle verticillata (A,B2,D,G,W) "Umbrella Plant"
Hydrocotyle vulgaris (A,An,J,R,Y) "Umbrella Plant"

Lilaeopsis novea-zelandiae (A,B2,D,G,J,R,W,Y)

Marsilea brownii (R)
Marsilea drummondii (B1) "Clover Fern"
Marsilea crenata (J,V,Y) "Dwarf Four-leaf Clover"
Marsilea exarata (B2)
Marsilea hirsuta (W,Y)
Marsilea quadrifolia (R,W)

Microsorium pteropus (A,An,B1,D,G,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Java Fern"

Pilularia americana (B2)
Pilularia globulifera (A,R)

Group 5 : Floating plants

Includes 15 genera with 30 species

  1. Totally submersed plants without roots
  2. Free floating plants
  3. Rooted plants with floating leaves

Group 5.1 : Totally submersed plants without roots

Utricularia spec. (D)
Utricularia exoleta (R,W)
Utricularia gibba (B1,Y)
Utricularia minor (B2)
Utricularia neglecta (B2)
Utricularia vulgaris (A,B2,V,W)

Riccia fluitans (A,An,B1,D,J,R,S1,S2,V,W,Y) "Crystalwort"

Group 5.2 : Free floating plants

Azolla caroliniana (A,B2,R,W) "Fairy Moss"
Azolla filiculoides (A,B1,D,R)
Azolla pinnata (A,B2)

Ceratophyllum demersum (A,B1,D,R,S1,S2,W,Y) "Hornwort"
Ceratophyllum submersum (J,B2,D,R,V)

Ceratopteris cornuta (A,B1,D,R,Y)
Ceratopteris froesii (D)
Ceratopteris pteridioides (An,B1,R,Y) "Watersprite"
Ceratopteris siliquosa (R)
Ceratopteris thalictroides (A,An,B1,D,J,R,S1,S2,V,Y) "Indian Fern"

Eichhornia crassipes (A,B1,R,S1,V,W,Y) "Water Hyacinth"

Hydroryza aristata (D,W)

Lemna gibba (A,B2)
Lemna minor (A,B1,D,V,W) "Duckweed"
Lemna trisulca (A,B2,R,W)

Limnobium laevigatum (A,B1,D,J,R,Y) "Amazon Frogbit"
Limnobium stoloniferum (W)
Limnobium spongia (W)

Pistia stratiotes (A,B1,D,J,R,S1,V,W,Y) "Water Lettuce"

Salvinia auriculata (A,B1,D,J,R,S1,V,W,Y) "Butterfly Fern"
Salvinia cucculata (B2)
Salvinia minima (A,B2,R)
Salvinia natans (R,W,Y)
Salvinia rotundifolia (B2,R)
Salvinia sprucei (B2)

Spirodela polyrhiza (W)

Wolffia arrhiza (A,B2,R,W) "Dwarf Duckweed"

Group 5.3 : Rooted plants with floating leaves

Brasenia schreberi (W)

Heteranthera reniformis (A,B2,R)

Hydrocleis nymph(ae)oides (B2,W)

Nymphoides humboldtiana (A,B2)

Trapa natans (A,B2) "Water Chestnut"
Trapa japonica (Y)

Temporarily Ungrouped

Hydrocharis dubia (Y)
Centella asiatica (Y)
Mexican Zubarieso (Y)
Syngonium podophyllum var. albovirens (Y)
Ranunculus nipponicum (Y)
Limnocharis flava (W)
Sparganium ramosum (W)

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