Aquatic Links Around the Internet

Last update: December 31, 2001

Okay, I've been a bit lax in recognizing the other fabulous web sites around the world. Let me start to make amends.


Excellent Aquatic Sites

The Krib, by Erik Olson, is one of the oldest WWW sites. He first told me about it in early 1994 when I didn't even know what "WWW" meant nor did I know what a "browser" was. A Man Ahead of His Time, then and now. By listing The Krib, I don't really need to show any other links because anything worthwhile is already covered there. But I must pay my dues, so I will continue.

The Aquatic Plants Digest is the best aquatic plants resource on the Net. This is a subscription mailing list (free) that is sent out twice daily. Experts in diverse fields discuss almost everything related to growing plants and then some. A complete archive of everything ever posted should be the starting point for the answer to any plant related question.

Steve Pushak, my acknowledged Aquatic Nemesis, has an excellent site focused on DIY substrates and all knowledge thereof. While it is completely counter in concept to this site, it is a valuable resource chocked full of aquatic plant references and research. If you want to have access to scientific research related to aquatic plants, pay a visit to Steve's Aquatic Page. The information is now even more valuable since Dupla products can no longer be found in the U.S.

The family of Dan Quackenbush is maintaining Dan's excellent site, All Aquatic Plants. Featured here are low tech approaches to plant growing.

Erik Leung has a very nicely set up site at cyber-aquaria. His aquascaping web ring is a neat touch.

Do you need info about Rainbowfish? Try Home of the Rainbowfish. This site also has links to other Rainbowfish sites.

Discus are thoroughly covered in the Discus-L web site. Tons of links to other discus sites are featured.


Commercial Aquatic Sites

One of the premier suppliers of high tech aquarium equipment is Dupla, a German company. Their book, The Optimum Aquarium, and their products are the basis for our techniques. Enough said.

Another German company featuring a full line of aquatic products geared to planted aquaria is Dennerle. Unfortunately, their website is only in German right now, with French and English translations planned for the future. However, their Plant section is a great resource for identifying aquatic plants.

The Tropica site aims to provide you with the most comprehensive web site for information on tropical aquarium plants and their care. Whether you are a seasoned aquarist, a newcomer to this fascinating hobby, or even a dealer in aquariums and plants this is the site to visit.

Takashi Amano, author of the Nature World books and founder of Aqua Design Amano in Japan, has a site devoted to his products. Nature Aquarium World is an excellent place to find state-of-the-art aquascaping ideas and advice.


Aquatic Organizations

The Aquatic Gardeners Association is an international organization of aquatic plant enthusiasts, which appeals to both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. The AGA produces a bi-monthly journal called The Aquatic Gardener. This is the only English language journal devoted primarily to aquarium plants. AGA members receive a subscription to TAG and all special publications. Members also can purchase hard to find aquarium plant books.

The Rainbowfish Study Group is the North American branch of various associated groups. The RSG publishes the "Rainbow Times" newsletter, containing breeding and maintenance reports, a listing of fish and eggs for sale, and other articles of interest.


Mail Order Shopping (Plants)


Mail Order Shopping (Fish)


Mail Order Shopping (Aquarium Supplies)

I would like to recommend Aquarium Hobbyist Supply as a most excellent source of compact fluorescent lighting kits and supplies. The owner, Kim, has gone out of his way to develop a superb series of lighting kits to suit any need. If you are retrofitting a standard canopy or building a custom hood, AH Supply has what you need. Joe Bob sez, "Two thumbs up!"

Monolith Marine Monsters offers a great line of high tech equipment and supplies. We recently purchased a temperature controller to replace an older unit and it is a rock-solid unit at a great price.

Dave Gomberg offers cost-effective CO2 injection equipment. You can get the equipment for your aquatic plants you need at fair prices from an experienced aquatic plant grower. A CO2 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about using CO2 in your planted tank is also on the site. Dave also offers Tropica MasterGrow plant fertilizers.

Pet Warehouse has a good stock and good prices. We use them a lot.

Daleco Master Breeder Products offers a full line of common and uncommon aquatic supplies and was a great source of Dupla products.

Hamilton Technology offers a variety of lighting systems for aquariums.


Mail Order Shopping (Chemicals)

LaMotte has a super line of test kits.

Hach Chemical offers test kits and bulk chemicals like calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.