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Last update: October 17, 1998

From Aquatic Concepts

"Modern Aquascaping"

Modern Aquascaping is a 75 page photocopied booklet that describes in great detail our experiences setting up a "high tech" planted aquarium using Dupla methodology.  This book is based on the nine part "Some Assembly Required" series that was seen on the Internet, in The Aquatic Gardener and in Aquarium Fish Magazine (Sept thru Dec, 1992).  It is a step by step narrative of all the steps needed to establish a 90 gallon show aquarium, from wiring the cabinet with convenience outlets to ititial, intermediate and "final" aquascaping.  Experience with various species of plants are described.  Also included is a comparison of various levels of high tech equipment and our impressions of what works best and why.  An appendix includes CO2 chemistry, Algae types and cures and extensive references.

"Planted Aquarium Tour"

This 90 minute video was shot in February 1992 and shows 4 different planted show aquariums with four different levels of equipment ranging from a simple 55 gallon tank with a "standard" fish shop setup to the Dupla compliant, high tech 90 gallon tank described in Modern Aquascaping. A complete narrative describes the equipment, plants and fish in each of the tanks. The first segment shows the tanks after a thorough pruning, the second segment shows what the tanks looked like before the pruning and the third segment details pruning techniques and shows off some of the plants that were removed.

"This video is an inspiration to aquatic gardeners.  If I hadn't seen the live action shots of the fish swimming, I would not have believed such beautiful results were possible. If anyone needs a reason to convert to live plants, this video provides it!"

"Planted Aquarium Best Practices"  (Planned for some time in the future)

Are you intimidated by all the equipment and details necessary for setting up a high tech planted tank? This two hour video takes you step by step through all the phases of establishing a beautiful planted show tank.  Segments include Installing Substrate Heating Coils, The Substrate, Plumbing a Trickle Filter, Wiring Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lights, Aquascaping and Pruning, and Water Parameter Testing.

Recommended Books

Many of these books are no longer in print but may be found at better fish stores, specialty book stores and aquarium club auctions.


Nature Aquarium World (Books 1,2,3)
Amano, T.
T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Ltd.

The Biotope Aquarium
Stawikowski, R.
1993, T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Ltd.

The Natural Aquarium
Yoshimo, S., and Kobayashi, D.
1993, T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Ltd.

Plant basics

The Complete Book of Aquarium Plants
Allgayer, R., and Teton, J.
1987, Ward Lock Limited, London.

Aquatic Plants; Hobbyist Guide to the Natural Aquarium
Aquarium Digest International #45
Andrews, C.
Tetra Press

Hobbyist Guide to the Natural Aquarium
Andrews, C.
1991, Tetra Press

A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants
James, B.
1986, Salamander Books Ltd., London.

Water Plants in the Aquarium
Scheurmann, I.
1987, Barron's Educational Services

Aquarium Plants Manual
Scheurmann, I.
1993, Barron's Educational Services

Plant Identification and Culturing

Aquarium Plants, Their Identification, Cultivation and Ecology
Rataj, K., and Horeman, T.
1977, T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Ltd.

Technical Setup, Equipment and Maintenance

The Optimum Aquarium
Horst, K., and Kipper, H.
1986, AD aquadocumenta Verlag GmbH.

System for a Problem Free Aquarium
Dennerle, L., and Lilge, H.
1993, Dennerle GmbH

General Fish and Plants

Aquarium Atlas
Riehl, R., and Baensch, H.A.
1987, Tetra Press.

Aquarium Atlas Volume 2
Baensch, H.A., and Riehl, R.
1993, Tetra Press.

Vierke's Aquarium Book, the Way the German's Do It
Vierke, J.
1986, T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Ltd.

Water Chemistry

Water Chemistry and Fish Diseases
Aquarium Digest International #49
Andrews, C.
Tetra Press

Water Chemistry in Closed System Aquariums, Vol 1
Gianascol, A.J.

Water Chemistry in Closed System Aquariums, Vol 2
Gianascol, A.J.


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